As a result of extensive product research and development, Visor Queen Blinds’ two-way operating function allows the blind to be adjusted from bottom to top as well as from top to bottom. The opening function works on a suspended system, which means that you can literally leave the blind at any desired position. The blind can be adjusted directly by gripping the blind profile/ handle or by using a specially designed telescopic adjusting rod in high spaces.

The Visor Queen Blind is available as a one- or two-piece assembly. Choose type Q2 or Q6 according to your needs.


The Q2 is a one-piece blind. You can effortlessly adjust it up or down due to its operating function. Using the Q2 type blind you can create a neat and unified blind surface at the desired height.

The Q6 is a two-piece blind. You can freely adjust both blind elements up and down. With the Q6 type blind you can easily cover the top or bottom part of the glazing separately without losing the outside scenery.

Kaihdin on helppo asentaa

Easy to install and remove

Installation of Visor Queen Blinds is very easy. Removing the blinds is so simple that you can do it yourself when you find the need to wash the windows.

Queen Balcony Blinds do not require any tools for install.


Safe and water-washable

Visor Queen Blind fabrics have been tested to be safe. The fabrics have been awarded the Öko-Tex certificate, guaranteeing that they do not contain any harmful substances.

Visor Queen Blinds are extremely durable and can be washed with water and mild soap solution.


Kaihdin suojaa uteliailta katseilta

Protection against prying eyes

The balcony is a great place to spend time protected from the wind, rain and the other elements. But how do you protect yourself from unwanted stares of neighbours or people passing by?

Kaihtimella yhteinäinen ilme parvekkeelle

A uniform appearance on balconies

The contents of the balcony affect the outer appearance of the whole building. Does your façade promote a well maintained and uniform appearance.

Kaihdin suojaa parveketta auringon lämmöltä

A cooler balcony

Inside the balcony glazing it can be very warm, even if it is cool outside. When it is hot outside, it can be unbearably hot on the balcony without any sun protection.

Helposti avautuvat parvekelasit

Suitable for balcony glazing

Balcony glazing is designed to be opened easily, so that you can provide a fresh supply of air unto the balcony. Surely you don’t want the blinds or sun protection to interfere with the opening and closing of the glass panels.

For balconies, terraces and a number of other applications

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