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Balcony Blinds

Queen Balcony Blinds will make your glass balcony enclosure a little cozier. The blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light and visibility from outside in.

Queen Balcony Blinds have either a thin pearlized or metalized layer on the reverse side of the fabric. This efficiently reflects sun light. The blinds help protect your home from excessive heat. The window blinds between the interior and balcony no longer need to be closed, which gives your home a more spacious feeling.

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Railing Blinds

Queen Railing Blinds permit the installation of blinds underneath the railing. Railing blinds allow you to adjust the view from bottom to top or top to bottom.

Railing blinds provide a practical means of privacy. They can be easily adjusted to provide a desired amount of privacy while natural light can be let in from the top portion of the window.

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Roof Blinds

Enclosures with glazed roofs often become unbearably hot – for people and plants alike. Queen Roof Blinds prevent excessive light from entering and helps keep the heat away.

The functionality of Queen Blinds is apparent in skylights. A unique stabilization mechanism keeps the blind from drooping even when installed horizontally.

Queen Roof Blinds can be installed in both fixed and opening skylights. The blinds are so light that no structural changes need to be done to the windows.

With specially designed adjusting rod, a single blind can be opened and closed from either end.

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Window Blinds

Queen Blinds can be used in windows and doors. Choosing blinds from the same product line will give your home a unified appearance.

The Queen Window Blind is attached to the top and bottom, This way it keeps its position when the door or window is opened or closed. The blind operates on a suspended system which keeps the blinds tight to the window and allows the blind to travel in a straight and easy manner. Queen Window Blinds are extremely durable and they also can be hand washed.

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