Visor Queen Blind

The Visor Queen Blind gives you superior control of light and shadow. It allows you to simply create different lightings and atmospheres on glazed balconies, terraces and indoor spaces alike.

By adjusting the amount of natural light coming into your home you can create the ideal environment for lounging and socializing, or even for your balcony plants. Enjoy a preferred amount of natural light, at a convenient temperature, in a desired atmosphere – in your own privacy.

The Visor Queen Blind is a Finnish innovation and each blind is custom made according to your specifications. Visor manufactures over 100,000 blinds each year, which means that approximately 14,500 homes will be equipped with Visor blinds during this time of period.

A Blind With Two-Way Adjustment

As a result of extensive product research and development, Visor Queen Blinds’ two-way operating function allows the blind to be adjusted from bottom to top as well as from top to bottom. The operating function works on a suspended system, which means that you can literally leave the blind at any desired position. The blind can be adjusted directly by gripping the blind profile/handle or by using a specially designed telescopic adjusting rod in high spaces.

The Visor Queen Blind is available as a one- or two-piece assembly. Choose type Q2 or Q6 according to your needs.

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