Suomen Visor Oy was established in 1972 when Ahti Pulkkinen, the company’s founder, purchased the first second-hand blind manufacturing machine during the family’s holiday trip. Ahti wanted to provide Finnish homes with a modern way to adjust the level of natural light and create the best possible conditions for staying at home – relaxation, get-togethers, sleeping and a number of other important activities.

Over time, our company has grown, led by the persistent entrepreneur from northern Finland. In 2006, we took up a challenging balcony blind project to which no supplier was able to create the solution the customer was after. This gave birth to Visor Queen, a patented product which adds the finishing touch to windows, balconies, railings and skylights.

Our innovative Visor Queen has allowed us to break into several international markets. Every year, we manufacture more than 100,000 Visor Queen blinds, offering protection to 14,500 balconies in different countries. Our products are available in Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Switzerland and Estonia.

Visor is a growing company. Despite our growth and internationalisation, our company is characterised by the spirit of a family-owned company and the will to resolve our customers’ problems. Currently, we employ 40 people and a number of independent retailers all over the world. In 2014, our turnover totalled EUR 4.4 million.

Always in the right light

Our customer promise “Always in the right light” indicates that we want to offer ideal lighting conditions for our customers – in every situation. Our solutions enable the utilisation of natural light and protection against heat in residences and in public buildings. Your days will be enjoyable, and you’ll be able to reduce your energy consumption.

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Our factory

New product ideas often arise from practical needs and the resulting solutions. At our factory, we refine ideas into technical solutions that make everyday lives easier and increase the level of comfort in various environments – from residences to public buildings.

Our factory is located in the town of Kempele, in northern Finland. Each blind and screen is custom-made. Our factory employs 25 people year-round, and during busy seasons, the number of our employees dressed in sunny orange doubles.